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Stimulating Bottles and Jars for Bath Salts

Artisan bath salts are a great way to make bath time more relaxing and enjoyable for children and adults alike. These water-soluble minerals are believed to provide a variety of health benefits, as they can ease muscle soreness, soothe aching joints, provide relief from uncomfortable skin conditions, and even reduce stress and anxiety.

If you’re producing homemade bath salts, you’ll need attractive and practical jars to store them in. Here at, you’ll find many different options for bath salts packaging, allowing you to choose the perfect containers for your unique bath salts.

Your first decision will be whether to purchase plastic or glass containers. Seeing as they’re typically used in the bath, you might want to choose durable plastic bottles to reduce the potential for your customers to drop a bottle and break it in a slippery and dangerous environment. On the other hand, an elegant glass jar can lend a touch of class to your packaging.

Regardless of whether you prefer glass or plastic, we have the packaging solutions you’re seeking. You can choose small jars made of clear glass, PET plastic, or HDPE plastic, topping them off with one of our dozens of closure options. We also offer visually appealing French Square glass bottles that look great in any shower caddy or store display case.

We specialize in all the latest styles of glass and plastic bath salt packaging jars to meet your production needs, ranging from compact plastic cream jars for daily use to large, gallon-sized jugs for reliable bulk storage. If you’re not sure which option is the right one for your bath salts, our packaging experts can help you select the right jars to fit your needs and budget.

Don’t forget to ask our representatives about special discount pricing for bulk quantities of your favorite bath salt jars!

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