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Craft Beer Bottles, Jugs, and Growlers for All Brews

The craft beer craze has swept across the country, as more and more consumers choose homebrew or microbrew beers instead of purchasing major brands. Craft beer has gotten so popular that you can now find growler filling stations at many grocery and convenience stores, and you can find several breweries open to the public in just about any city in the United States.

If you make your own beer — whether for your own enjoyment or to sell in a retail environment — it’s vitally important to acquire appropriate jugs, bottles, and growlers for your brew. Not only does this ensure your beers are presented in attractive packaging to catch consumers’ eyes, but using the right type of containers can actually help your beer stay fresh for longer periods of time.

Fortunately, has the solutions you need. Our classic Boston Round glass bottles are an ideal choice for bottling craft beer. Available in 8oz, 16oz, and 32oz sizes, these bottles are a great option as single-serve beer bottles. Furthermore, the amber-tinted glass helps keep beer fresh, because the darker color helps block out UV rays which can ruin a beer’s flavor.

We also have growler jugs made of brown glass, and you can purchase them in either gallon or half-gallon sizes. You can choose between a stylish pistol-grip growler or a more standard handle, and we have a dozen different options for threaded caps, made of either plastic or metal.

At, we have the perfect bottles, jugs, and growlers for any craft beer enthusiast’s budget. We offer discounts on bulk orders as well, so contact one of our representatives today to see what kinds of deals we have available for these great products. Take your homebrew or microbrew operation to the next level with glass bottles and jugs from!

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