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Light squealing is more than likely the brake pad indicators letting you know it's time to change your brake pads. Most pads will have a metal tab which is designed to contract the rotor when they are worn to a point of needing replacement. Change your brake pads as soon as possible. A grinding noise is more serious and usually indicated that the pads are worn to a point of metal-to-metal contact with the rotor. This is more serious as braking ability can be decreased since less brake pad material is contacting the rotor. Get service immediately if you hear grinding and expect to most likely have to replace your rotors as well.

Step on the brakes and it goes to the floor?

A bad master cylinder or low brake fluid due to a leak in the system are the most common causes. DO NOT DRIVE your car with no brakes. You will need to have the vehicle towed to the closest garage, or home to get repairs done. Rusty brake lines, blown brake hoses or even a bad caliper can cause your brake system to lose fluid and no longer stop your car.

Does it take a lot of effort to stop the car?

All modern cars have a vacuum booster which helps apply the brakes. If the diaphram in the boost goes bad, or the hose becomes disconnected pedal effort can rise and it will take more effort to stop your car. While possible to continue to drive your vehicle like this, it's not recommended as the effort required to stop the car is not something you will be used to, and panic stops may be compromised.

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Nothing stinks worse than having brake trouble and getting taken for a ride by your mechanic. Get the best information on brake repair so you do not get scammed at the garage. The braking system is a complex system which needs proper maintenance and care over the lifetime of your car.



当你压低踏板,主cylinder is pushed via a push rod. The master cylinder consists of a piston and a fluid resevoir. When the piston is moved, it pushes the brake fluid through the brake lines and into the caliper or wheel cylinder.

Most all cars have disc brakes on the front wheels, and many have disc brakes on the rear also. When disc brakes are not used on the rear, drum brakes are used. The fluid being pushed from the master cylinder through the brake lines pushes a piston in the brake caliper. This in turn applies force to the brake pads.





-翘曲转子:在较新的汽车中更常见,但可以在所有盘式制动系统上进行。转子由于车轮的过热或不正确而翘曲。翘曲的转子在施加制动器时会产生脉动的感觉。这种脉冲可能会令人讨厌和危险。大多数较新的汽车都有转子,非常薄,经过很容易。进一步解决问题,制造商不会留下足够的材料来重温转子。检查机修工,以确保您可以安全地将转子机械加工或更换新转子。为了恢复表面,将转子放置在车床中,切割工具从制动表面移除几千候的材料。这恢复了转子的平坦度,并消除了踏板中的脉动感。确保您的机械师将所有东西放回一起,他将螺母拧到适当的规格,从未使用冲击扳手。 If the lug nuts are not tightened evenly the rotor can warp and you are back to square one. Note: Some shops use a torque stick, which attaches to an impact wrench and does not allow the torque wrench to tighten more than it should. This is acceptable. If your mechanic does not use a torque wrench or torque sticks, find another mechanic.

Preventive Maintenance:

  • Avoid "riding" your brakes. It's better to slow down with moderate pressure and then releasing the brake to cool, than riding the brakes and overheating them
  • On steep grades consider downshifting to save your brakes. Only do this when traction conditions are good. In ice, snow, or even rain, downshifting into too low of a gear may cause a skid. Downshifting lets you engine do some of the braking instead of your brakes.
  • 保持轮子和制动系统清洁。干净的制动器更好地工作,并保持温度下降。使用良好的轮式清洁剂,您知道是否为您的车轮完成。

What to discuss with your mechanic:

  • 在纸张或电视中戴上广告的低价制动岗位。有些商店将尝试诱饵和开关或找到“需要”的其他部分要更换。Salesmen将尽力让您感到内疚,让您的家庭安全在线。他们声称您需要高级垫和转子,当然是更高的价格。
  • You mechanic should clean all the components of the brake system to ensure a dust and squeak free job.
  • 包括凸耳螺母的所有螺栓都应在螺纹上进行防粘化合物,以防止它们快速生锈并导致沿着道路上的头痛。
  • Have your mechanic use an anti-squeak compound on the back of the brake pads. This keeps the pads from vibrating and annoying you to no end. There are spray, and paste forms, with the paste working better for me.
  • 坚持看到他们从汽车中取出的垫子。替换不需要更换的内容没有使用。
  • National brake shops are not all bad. Some stores only do brakes so they should be pretty good at it. Ask around and get recommendations before you get work done. Quality depends on the owner of the national chain store, not the parent company so shop carefully.
  • Do you need the lifetime brake pads? Well that depends on how long you will keep the car and how many rotors you plan on buying in the next few years. This initial cost is a little higher due to the fact the manufacturer knows he will most likely have to give you another set when yours wear out. Also these pads are made from a harder material and tend to wear down the rotors instead of themselves. You would be better off buying the basic pads and replacing them periodically instead of costly rotors every year or two.
  • 确保您的机械师在其冲击枪上使用扭矩扳手或扭矩棒。见上文解释。


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