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一步到干净的车,洗涤可能比你想象的更复杂。


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Tires and Rubber Care

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Clean YourPaint



Let's define paint cleaning... first what it is not, which is washing. Washing your car is basically removing the top layer of dirt which sits on top of the outer coating of wax you applied the last time you waxed your pride and joy. Over time dirt and particle of rail dust and other nasty stuff gets embedded deeper in your paint, or more accurately the clear coat. Most modern paints are a thin base layer of color and a top coat of thicker clear coat which adds the shine to the finish. This top clear coat is actually what you will be cleaning, and takes the most abuse.

Where to start? First you need to洗车, using your favorite car wash. Next make sure you are in a shady area away from direct sunlight as excess heat from the sun can cause cleaners and polishes to dry up and become ineffective.

Once you have your car as clean as possible, it's time to start really cleaning your paint. Rule of thumb, start off as gentle as possible and use the least aggressive product that gets the job done. Let's look at the products available to clean your paint going from most aggressive to least...

  • 化合物:从您的涂料中除去污染物和旋流标记的最具侵略性的方法,化合物真的为较旧的单级涂料而设计,其中需要更深的切割作用来水平橙皮并获得良好的基础表面以开始抛光。如果你知道你在做什么,我不会推荐一个大部分工作的大部分化合物,只有在最后的手段中。
  • Clay Bar: Another way of removing contaminates and smoothing the surface, a clay bar will literally lift the dirt out of the clear coat layer. You can find clay bar kits at most auto parts stores, which include a lubricant which must be used to keep things gliding smoothly across the surface of your paint. A major word of caution: If you do not constantly kneed/fold the clay bar, exposing a fresh surface, and burying the dirt you just lifted off your paint, you will end up scratching the clear coat and doing more harm than good!
  • Glaze: A finer "grit" than compound, glaze will remove most swirl marks and level the paint surface leaving it ready for a good polish and wax.
  • 波兰语:清洁你的油漆的最不侵略性的方式,抛光物不会拿出漩涡标记或纠正其他伤害,但如果你的油漆状况良好,它将非常适合提供你的油漆的光滑深刻。如果我正在使用釉料,我喜欢用抛光来完成最好的光泽。

所以现在你知道的主要球员cleaning your paint let's talk about application. You want to always use 100% cotton towels when applying and removing compounds, glazes and polishes. Microfiber is best, but a high quality 100% cotton towel from a company you trust is fine. I have seen cheap 100% cotton towels which were NOT 100% and caused scratches in the paint I was working on. Don't skimp when it comes to towels! When they get dirty wash in the washing machine like you would your clothing, but skip the fabric softener or dryer sheets as they leave a residue which will show up during your next polish/wax job.



So your car is washed, dry, and in the shade, now is the time to start with the least aggressive of the products mentioned above. Most cars will be fine with a simple polish, but if your car has swirl marks you may want to start with a glaze. Work in small areas, apply medium pressure and allow the liquid to do the work. Follow the directions on the product and buff to a shine. Once you have the desired smooth surface and deep shine,add a layer of wax to protect the finish.